Aesthetic Fillings

Aesthetic Fillings

Aesthetic Fillings

It is the process to bond the filings in the color of the tooth are bonded on the tooth with a special light, which results in an aesthetic look. Aesthetic filling material is composite. Aesthetic fillings are placed on the cavities layer by layer. It is shapeable and, hardened by a halogen light and, chemically bonded on the tooth.

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Frequently Asked Questions About The Fillings

In Which Cases Are The Aesthetic Fillings Used?

  • To correct color permanent discolorations that may occur on the teeth.
  • To repair the tooth that has been decayed or broken for any reason.
  • For diastema closures or to increase height of the tooth.
  • To create a smile design specially prepared for the respective patient by changing the shape of the teeth.

What Are The Application Stages Of The Aesthetic Fillings?

Aesthetic fillings are applied with a minimum level of tooth loss. A material is applied on the tooth surface so that the natural tooth is bonded to the filling material and, then the filling material is applied on the tooth.

What Are The Advantages Of The Application?

The biggest advantage of these fillings is that they are aesthetic. Further, since these feelings are strictly bonded on the teeth, they support the tooth tissues and prevent them from being broken or transmitting heat. Composites are used not only to restore the decays but also to deliver cosmetic benefits by means of changing the color and shape of the tooth.

How Long Does The Aesthetic Filling Application Take?

It takes about 15 minutes to 1 hour to complete the whole process.

How Should The Teeth Be Cared After The Application?

Special attention should be paid to the use of aesthetic fillings. One should avoid strong bites. One should avoid bad habits that deliver extra force on the tooth such as nail biting, pen biting etc. The procedure to care the tooth on which these fillings are applied is the same as the natural teeth. Proper tooth brushing and use of dental flosses are used to clean the teeth on which the fillings are applied.

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