Laser Teeth Whitening (Bleaching)

Laser Whitening Laser Teeth Whitening (Bleaching)
  • 5 August 2022
  • Dt. Hasan Karatay

Laser Teeth Whitening (Bleaching)

Everyone's teeth lose their whiteness over time and as the age passes. In some people, this loss is intensely evident, while in others it is less. There are many different features and triggers of yellowing of the teeth and the loss of whiteness. Some factors are genetic, while others are environmental. However, no matter how it occurs, tooth yellowing can now be treated very easily. Teeth whitening has more than one option. These options are grouped into 2 groups;

  • Office type whitenning (Laser)
  • Home Kits

Laser teeth whitening is the method applied in clinics by doctors specialized in the field. Thanks to laser teeth whitening, teeth can become white again for a long time. However, there are points to be considered after laser whitening. Patients who do not pay attention to these issues may turn yellow again.

What is Laser Teeth Whitenning?

Laser whitening is a clinical method used to remove yellowing of tooth enamel. Thanks to various chemicals, teeth are whitened. In order to perform laser whitening, the teeth must be healthy and intact. Dentists check whether patients are suitable for laser tooth whitening technique. Then, the application is started for the approved patient.

  • First, the teeth are cleaned
  • After the cleaned teeth, an apparatus is inserted into the mouth so that the lips are not affected by laser rays
  • After the apparatus is attached, a protective gel is applied to the gum and the whitenning gel is applied on the tooth enamel
  • After the gels, the laser machine is held and the irradiation process is carried out
  • When all is completed, the gel is cleaned
  • The apparatus is removed from the place where it is attached

After all these stages, the patient's teeth become whiter. The process takes about 1 hour on average.

What should be considered afterwards?

The teeth can be easily affected in the first 15 days after teeth whitening. During this time;

  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Cherry juice
  • Red wine

It is recommended to patients to stay away from such drinks above. Since these substances have a dark color, they can easily turn the teeth yellow. On the identified sensitive days, it is necessary to avoid these drinks and sugary foods as much as possible.

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