Dental Implant

Dental Implant

Dental Implant Dental Implant
  • 2 November 2022
  • Dt. Hasan Karatay

Dental Implant

Dental implant is a treatment method to replace teeth that have lost their function. Brand new teeth made with dental prosthesis and screwing technique for decaying or extracted teeth are called implants. Dental implants are recommended by physicians instead of temporary rescue methods such as bridges for problematic teeth. Dental implant is a long-lasting treatment option. Screws and dental prostheses prepared with modern techniques can stay in a person's mouth even for a lifetime if they are used cleanly and properly.

How are the dental implant treatments done?

1. The first stage of dental implant is the placement of the screws into the jawbone. These screws are made of a special material called titanium. Thanks to titanium, the screws and gums do not have any compatibility problems. Patients also get rid of possible problems. However, zirconium can also be used as an alternative to titanium.

2. Screwing is a special procedure. It is not suitable for patients who do not have a suitable bone structure. Because the screws cannot fit properly in the unstable jawbone and there is a danger of failing. Likewise, implant treatment is not suitable for young people who have not yet completed puberty.

3. The dentist will decide whether the patient is suitable for dental implants. As a result of X-rays and tomography, the dentist determines whether the jawbone is suitable for the implant.

4. The second stage of the dental implant is the placement of the dentures on the screws. The process is completed after the dentures are properly placed on the screws. Dental implants cannot be removed like removable dentures. This increases the quality of life of patients. They do not need to remove their teeth while eating. At the same time, it does not cause any problems in chewing.

Istanbul dental implant

There are many clinics that apply dental implants in Istanbul. However, Dentsmile stands out among many clinics thanks to its experienced and specialized dentists and staff. It carries out international studies thanks to the services it offers for its patients such as accommodation and transfer.

It is a privilege to have dental implant treatment at Dentsmile clinic. If you want perfect beauty in your teeth and smiles, choose Dentsmile for dental implants in Istanbul.

Dental implant is a costly application. However, Dentsmile offers you treatment options at the most affordable prices.

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