Crowns Turkey

Crowns Turkey

Crowns Turkey
  • 25 August 2022
  • Dt. Hasan Karatay

Crowns Turkey

Dental crowns Turkey refers to the treatments offered by dentists with different methods. In basic dental problems such as decay, fracture, cracking, scratching, slight separation, crooked teeth, the original tooth is restored with dental veneers and a perfect dental appearance can be achieved. Dentists can not only treat the tooth and give it a healthier structure, but also make aesthetics and create a smile design for the patient.

Dental veneers Turkey treatments are very popular abroad, making our country a brand in this regard. Because Turkish physicians provide innovative, modern, healthy results in aesthetic dental and basic dental treatments, and people get healthy teeth. Those who come to Turkey for crowns can benefit from the most suitable treatment option by finding different crown options.

What are the Types of Dental Crowns?

Patients who need single or multiple dental crowns can choose the most ideal crown treatment with the recommendation of their doctor. Crown types consist of the following options;

Metal-supported porcelain dental crowns: Metal-supported porcelain crowns were a very common treatment type in Turkey. However, its effect has been decreasing in recent years. In this treatment, the patient's measurements are taken, the color of the veneer tooth is determined and applied after it is prepared.

Full ceramic empress dental crowns: This method, which is preferred for single tooth crowns, gives good results and highly aesthetic crowns can be made.

Zirconium-supported porcelain dental crowns: Zirconium gives perfect results in terms of aesthetics, looks natural due to its structure that is most compatible with the real tooth. It is often preferred on implants or bridges.

Porcelain laminate veneers: It is a treatment method that can be applied to the front teeth. It is quite popular. It makes the teeth look healthy and perfect.

Dental crowns Turkey are comprehensive treatments that help oral and dental health to be functional in every aspect. In Turkey, veneers are made with aesthetic and dental health concerns, repairing teeth and eliminating smile disorders. Especially in cases of tooth deficiencies, aesthetic and healthy teeth can be gained by supporting with implants. Turkey produces strong solutions with very successful dentists in dental crown treatments, and patients can lead a happier life with their renewed teeth.

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